About Me

Dennis Chan

Software Contractor  |  Amateur Musician

Having recently left my software engineer position at a major corporation, I started this blog to document my effort to re-align my life and career with my passion and aspirations. I want to learn as many new things as possible, try things I have never done before, and step outside my comfort zone. I am looking for an opportunity to found/co-found a startup, or to learn to work for myself. I would also love to play music gigs on the side.

I’m interested in software programming, mobile technologies, entrepreneurship, infographics/data visualization, 3D printing, data analysis, organ music, jazz music, and game design. I currently live in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

Technical skills: C/C++, MS SQL Server, Database design, iOS, Cocos2D, Javascript, Progress 4GL
Musical skills: Pipe organ, Piano, Jazz Vibraphone

Contact me for: Software contract work (database design, iOS), Wedding organist, Church organist, private piano lessons